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Congress and the Emergence of Sectionalism

Congress and the Emergence of Sectionalism

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     In 1815, the United States was a proud and confident nation. Its second war with England had come to a successful conclusion, and Americans seemed united as never before. The collapse of the Federalist party left the Jeffersonian Republicans in control in a period of time that came to be known as the Era of Good Feeling – a situation only made possible by the country refusing to look at the hard issues: slavery, race, western expansion, and economic development.
     This volume - the first book in the Perspectives on the History of Congress 1801-1877 series - features some of the most distinguished historians in the nation examining controversies surrounding sectionalism and the rise of Jacksonian Democracy. The essays in this volume consider the plight of American Indians, sectional strife over banking and commerce, emerging issues involving slavery and the very nature of American democracy. Edited by USCHS Chief Historian Donald R. Kennon, Ph.D, and Albany Law Professor Paul Finkleman.  Hardcover, 2008, 293 pp.

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